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AMI International distinguishes itself through the hands-on assistance provided to sales and marketing individuals worldwide.

AMI has performed hundreds of market assessments, competitive analyses, and capture strategies for the leading naval industrial companies of the world.

The following is a partial list of the studies we have done for companies that have commissioned us to assist them in their marketing, sales, and strategic planning efforts. The list is just a sample of the breadth and depth of the work we do for clients worldwide.

We can do the same for your company!

AMI International provides advisory services to our worldwide clients for a variety of needs. Our primary focus in our assignments is to assist our clients in improving their "relative competitive position" either on a future program or in a market segment. Our advisory services generally fall into the following categories

  • Comparative Assessments of Naval Systems or Designs
  • Market Assessments
  • Competitor Assessments
  • Capture Strategies for Targeted Programs
  • Strategic and Tactical Recommendations

Please e-mail, call, or fax us with your specific intelligence needs and we will develop a proposed statement of work and level of effort to help you succeed.

Vessel Studies and Analyses

  • Should cost estimate of an Arsenal ship design.
  • Survivability design review of an Arsenal ship design.
  • Capture Strategy for selling Frigates to the UAE.
  • Competitive assessment of designs offered to Middle East Navies
  • Competitive assessment of designs and offers to Malaysia for an OPV
  • Impact of 2nd Helo Requirement on competitive designs for UAE Future Frigates
  • Thailand Helo Carrier Combat Systems Assessment
  • Why the U.S. FFGs sold well Internationally
  • Cost and Capability comparison of a Frigate with a MK 13 GMLS versus Mk 41 VLS and related fire control systems (Threat - Need - Capability - Cost)
  • Assessment of Saudi Arabia Frigate Needs
  • Fulfilling ROC Coast Guard needs of 20 vessels in 36 months
  • Patrol Boat Construction Cost Comparison - GRP versus Aluminum
  • Naval Market Assessment of GRP Products
  • Comparative Assessment of Fast Attack Craft
  • Market Survey of Offshore Patrol Vessels

Combat Systems Studies and Analyses

  • Frigate and Corvette combat systems market assessment.
  • Existing and Future market share of surface combatant combat system integrators.
  • SM2 BLK-IV Installation Impact on AEGIS Baseline I Vessels (Mk 26 GMLS ships) (Positive)
  • Competitive Assessment of Short Range AAW Missile Systems.
  • Rolling Airframe Missile Launcher Application Options.
  • Digital Databuss Market Assessments (Safenet impact).
  • Value of Application of ABRS into a GMLS for shore bombardment .
  • Assessment of EUROSAM and Alenia/ECAN Ruelle Progress on ASTER 15/30 Missile and System Launch Vertical (VLS).
  • Why Mk 13 GMLS versus MK 41 VLS on PFG-2.
  • Market Survey for Combined Surface/Air Search Radar Suite.
  • Electronic Warfare Market Projections.
  • International Vertical Launcher Systems comparison.

Gun Studies and Analyses

  • Comparison of Medium Caliber Naval Guns (US Mk 45, OTO 127mm, OTO New Lightweight 127mm, Creusot-Loire 100mm, VSEL 114mm)
    • Technical Characteristics
    • Performance Characteristics
    • Shipboard Impact
    • Cost Comparison
  • Comparison of small stabilized naval mounts
    • Guns (20 to 40mm)
    • Combination guns and missile launchers
    • Directors (radar, El-Op, etc.)
  • Small Caliber Stabilized Naval Gun Market Projections (30mm)
  • Naval Gun Fire Control Systems Survey
  • Comparative assessments of Close├ÉIn Weapon Systems

Other Studies and Analyses

  • Market assessment of overall naval ship retrofit market.
  • Market assessment for application of hydraulic systems and periscopes/masts in U.S.
  • Location and assessment of in-country Agents (various)
  • ROCN Organization and Decision Makers/assistants and Fowler International Role
  • Market Survey for application of Cray Super-computer to Naval Labs in Pacific Northwest
  • Mine Warfare Market Projections
  • Market survey of diesel engines
  • NIPO and PMS-380 - objectives, relationships, decision makers
  • Defense Service Company Study - Why a Service Company?
    • Analyzed "Success Criteria" of 36 different DoD Service Companies

Company Studies and Analyses

  • CelsiusTech Systems
  • Hollandse Signaalapparaten (Signaal)
  • General Dynamics Service Company
  • Value of Using of American Indian Reservations for Defense Systems Production
  • Waterfront combat systems repair companies
  • Lockheed Martin Baltimore
  • Raytheon Missile Systems Division
  • Raytheon Equipment Division
  • Raytheon Service Company
  • Naval Ordnance Station Louisville (Workloads and Financials)
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center - Pt. Hueneme
  • NAVSEA 06
  • Honeywell Defence Units (prior to Alliant establishment)
  • Riva Calzoni (Italy)
  • BDM International
  • Vitro (Penn Central)
  • Norden Systems
  • Rockwell International

Specific Program Capture Studies and Analyses

  • Arsenal Ship
  • UAE Frigate Program
  • Kuwait Fast Attack Craft Project
  • Malaysia New Patrol Vessel Program
  • Philippines OPV Program
  • Brunei OPV/Corvette Program
  • Follow on Technical Support Program (Ship Transfers)
  • NSDSA Technical Manual Update Contract
  • PERA-CV SARP Updates
  • NAVSES Electric Drive Development Contract
  • SEAWOLF Weapons Handling
  • SEAWOLF LD Torpedo Tubes
  • SEAWOLF Propulsor
  • ANZAC Frigate Weapons Systems
  • ROCN PFG-2 Program
  • Powered Causeways
  • U.S. Army Tug Program
  • DDG-51
  • Israeli Sa'ar 5 and Dolphin Programs
  • Casting versus Forging of M804 and M107 Projectiles
  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Design Services
  • Low-Cost Anti-Surface Warfare Torpedo (Whitehead)
  • Various Surface Combatant Overhaul and Repair Opportunities
  • USCG Cutter Overhauls
  • Ship Phased Maintenance Programs
  • Weapon Systems Installations (NSWSES) in Eli Reich Bldg.
  • VLS Ordnance Alteration Kitting
  • Mine Sweeper Hunter
  • TAKR
  • TAK
  • TAH
  • Large Scale Vehicle

Strategic Planning Support

  • Lockheed Martin - Moorestown
  • Northrop Grumman
  • UDLP Armament Systems Div.
  • UDLP Defense Systems International
  • Hughes Missile Systems Company
  • Hughes Naval and Maritime Systems
  • Pacific Ship Repair and Fabrication
  • Intermarine U.S.A.
  • Newport News Services
  • Norden Systems


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