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  • Thousands of successful tasks carried out for customers around the world
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  • A worldwide network of naval experts providing primary insight

AMI has been assisting naval industry and governments in their international projects since 1984.

We provide comprehensive naval intelligence reports and focused advisory services to our clients. AMI's clients include the world's leading navies, naval shipbuilders, and naval equipment manufacturers.

Specializing in Naval Issues.

AMI tracks the naval industrial activities of the 151 ocean-based countries operating a navy or coast guard force. Our analysts focus on the future plans and projections of sea services which have the funding to build, buy, maintain and modernize their fleets to answer the needs of governments, shipbuilders and equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Guy Ames Stitt, President

Guy Stitt is the founder and President of AMI International (https://amiinter.com), and an internationally known expert on naval acquisition, shipbuilding and maritime industrial issues...

Contact Guy at: gstitt@amiinter.com

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Richard E. Dorn, Vice President Sales and Marketing / Senior Analyst

Rick joined AMI International in October 2003 after completing a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy...

Contact Rick at: rdorn@amiinter.com

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Tony Beitinger, Vice President Market Intelligence

Tony came to AMI in 2007 following a career in the U.S. Navy. He began his work with AMI as a naval industrial analyst and was shortly thereafter selected to lead AMI's Government Services division...

Contact Tony at: cbeitinger@amiinter.com

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Patrick N. Bright, Chief Analytical Officer

Patrick is a naval consultant with 36 years of progressive experience and
documented success in the analytical field...

Contact Pat at: pbright@amiinter.com

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Tricia Fisher, Office Manager

Tricia Fisher, a native of Fresno, California, attended college in Fresno where she majored in Legal Secretarial...

Contact Tricia at: tfisher@amiinter.com

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