Advisory Services at AMI

Advisory Services Offers: (SAG focus)

  • Business Unit and Product Strategy Development
  • Comparative Assessments of Naval Systems or Designs
  • Technology Assessments
  • Focused Naval Market Assessments: (platform/region/system/subsystem)
  • Competitor Assessments
  • “Quicklooks” to review prospects in future and adjacent markets
  • “Red Team” Reviews of Programs and Products
  • “Black Hat” Teams to Assess Competitor Proposals and Programs
  • Strategic Communications/Marketing Theme Development
  • Capture Strategies for Targeted Programs
  • Senior Decision-Maker Engagement and Contact Plans

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Our Value Proposition

AMI brings unmatched mix of analysis and access:

  • Unmatched insight into current and future naval platform/systems market
  • Plus network/connections to help customers win
  • Strategic Advisory Group enhances client access/advocacy to customers

Subscribers get “value added” from Advisory Services:

  • In-depth focus/expertise + win-centered recommendations
  • Augment customer in-house market research/capture efforts
  • Proxy for small/entry level customers without large staffs
  • Honest broker to validate customer strategies, entry, capture plans
  • “Clear Head” and new ideas to solve a market/product problem

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