About AMI

Established in 1984, AMI International is a U.S. based naval market intelligence and advisory services firm serving defense industry, navies and governments worldwide. Our products and services provide our customers with strategic insight, market research and business development opportunities for new ship construction and modernization activities for navies and coast guard-type fleets. AMI's online market intelligence products give continuous insights as part of a 20-year naval construction and modernization forecast.

AMI Market Intelligence

Our flagship market intelligence product is the Worldwide Naval Projections Report (WNPR) database. WNPR identifies the prime capturable market for companies offering new construction ships and related systems. Coupled with other AMI research tools the Naval Systems Projections Database (NSPD), the Existing Ships Database (ESDB), and with the twice-monthly Hot News newsletters, users obtain a comprehensive view of the global naval ship construction and refit market for the 151 ocean-based countries and particularly those nations that have the funds available to buy, build and maintain a navy or coast guard fleet. An AMI market intelligence subscription service provides users with a:

  • 20-year naval construction and modernization forecast.
  • Monthly intelligence updates sent directly to your email in-box.
  • Detailed system and equipment profiles.
  • Worldwide multiservice missile database.
  • Analysts on call 24/7.

AMI Advisory Services

AMI consulting services deliver win-centered, customer facing interactive advisory services. Our consultants brings a wealth and experience and insight into the naval market, competitive and strategic factors that drive naval procurements. We understand U.S. and international naval/maritime acquisition programs and processes, and have worked closely with hundreds of companies in the global naval market on strategy, marketing and capture.


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